Creating a MyInsights project or MyPanel survey is very easy. Just sign in to the online platform assigned to the app, create your project, invite participants and watch the results realtime on the online platform.

Sign up with a Google Account

We use Google Accounts for signing in to the online platform. The advantage of Google Accounts for you is that we do not need to register (or know) your password. It is safely stored by Google.

Create your project

It is very easy to create your own project. The online platform has an intuitive user interface. Select the right settings based on your project and add your questions or assignments. Test your project for free before it starts.

Invite participants

You can invite new participants via email. They will receive a link to the app/play store and their password for signing in. Existing participants can also be invited via a push notification.

View results realtime

You can view your results realtime and download (custom) reports on the online platform. For MyInsights you can see the results on a map, you can create a word cloud and you can use tags to speed up the analysis. We offer 'MyDashboard' (an online dashboard) to dig deeper in the results collected with MyPanel.


We offer free of charge 'lightweight rebranding' of the apps; you can change the color of the upper and lower bar in the app and add a logo. It is also possible to request a 'rebranded app', please contact us for more information and pricing.


WorkForceMobile - WFM People

WorkForceMobile® is a state of art easy to use application for all kind of efficient data collection in and around point of sales or other relevant locations.
Collected data and results are real time available for WorkForceMobile® clients.
WFM People is a fullservice Benelux fieldmarketing specialist with over 25 years of experience in flexforce Human Resources and manufacturer secondments.
This application is available for WFM People employees and WFM People crowd members.

WFM People site


Lexis Research is a Marketing Research Agency featuring a psycho-social approach and aiming at supporting Marketing and Communications development. Set up in 1991 in Milan, Lexis works both at National and International level.

Lexis supports Companies in understanding consumer demand and driving their brands forward in the following main areas:

  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
  • Luxury
  • Media
  • Durables
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Automotive
  • Service Industry

Lexis site